Your Power Potential

The culmination of six years of development, power2max crankset based power meters make training and racing with the latest performance measuring technology an affordable reality. Manufactured in Germany, power2max combine precision engineering with scrupulous assembly standards. The result is a unit versatile and accurate enough, for power output monitoring and analysis by the most discerning cyclists.

Superior to monitoring heart rate which is only a measure of how hard the human body is working internally, power output is a definitive value of the amount of work generated into forward motion. Unlike heart rate, there are no variables with power. First used in the pro peleton in the early 90's, power monitoring is now seen as a crucial tool for anyone serious about reaching their performance goals.

What was originally out of reach for many cyclists has now been brought to a realistic price point by power2max. The use of 4 completely sealed strain gauges measure deflection inside the crank spider. New technology has meant power2max units do not require a cadence sensor to be fitted to the bicycle, all measuring is done internally. Anyone with an ANT+ bicycle computer can use it with a power2max crankset, data signals are sent every second. This includes models from Garmin, Bryton, O-synce, and others. This gives the cyclist full flexibility over what other data they wish to see and record while training and racing.

A big advantage with a power2max unit is the possibility for the cyclist to use and change to any wheels they choose, something not possible with hub based monitors. A power2max of course is fully functional when a cyclist is on a stationary trainer. The battery life for power2max is 300-400 hours. The universally available battery can be replaced by the user with no special tools required. To meet the requirements of virtually any rider, power2max have partnered with TA, Rotor and Sram to offer 60 different variations of crank units. Bottom brackets and adaptors are available to suit almost any frame bottom bracket type.

For time efficient training with maximum performance gains, look to power2max, and enter the world of high power cycling.

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